We would give our life for Imam Hussain(as) & the Kerbala Martyrs .....

In India extensive Properties belonging essentially to Imam Hussain(as) in the form of Wakfs have been usurped & we have an obligation to protect it

In order to begin to address this major issue a website has been created www.ImamProperty.com

Objective  : Save /reclaim Wakf properties & put them to use for the purpose /community intended.

There are many properties in India which belonged to Wakfs / Imambargahs  & are now usurped or not available for the purposes intended .

This Site is an attempt to Raise Awareness & Collect / Display related Information ,Collaborate & Provide guidance.

Significant amount of data /lists have been complied for certain locations & visitor is invited to go through the details


1) Change Your /others attitude : The general response is ‘Oh that’s a big problem I cant do anything’  Yes You can & over time there wil be results we do OUR bit regularly

 2) Raise Awareness : Inform others of this website ,Use Email & all social media to to this

Print & Distribute these Handbills/Posters /leaflets Eng ,Urdu ,Hindi  |  Circulate this  image by Whats app

 3) Write letters /emails to newspapers /government authorities  / wakf board in your state in this format under sec 70)  pdf

Anyone can take recourse to this section being a Muslim worshipper as a person so interested. The Supreme Court has held in several judgements that worshippers are persons interested
sample applications made to Tamil Nadu / Patna
Different persons from any State of India can ask for information on issues which affect the particular Wakf. Legal recourse available thereafter. Easier then as one can highlight the nexus between the Wakf board and the particular committee of management of that wakf

4) Collect information /evidence on all wakf misuse in your area & send that to Imamwakfs@gmail.com

Seek information through RTI act by writing to wakf boards….  Eg letter written for west bengal brought this response from Wakf board delhi

See http://imamproperty.com/wakflegal/

 5)Raise Funds to file legal cases which can be done transparently by organisations /persons for specific properties in that location

6) READ & see More detail actions here   or contact team at  Imamwakfs@gmail.com