Moulana Kalbe Jawad & his work for saving Wakf

After the successful  movement  of Azadari ,Maulana KJ launched the the movement of safeguarding the waqf properties in the state of UP.  As a result of these movement , many properties were reclaimed by the community, many rafty imambarhgahs were rebuild and maintained. A few notable examples are as follows, these are a few example out of numerous achievements that were achieved under the able leadership of maulana kalbe jawad.      Lucknow main page   |

1. SIBTAINABAD : This place is in the heart of capital hazrat ganj, this was ocupied by a mafia bu this was freed after efforts of Maulana.

2. WAQF SAJJADIA (ALAMNAGAR) : 8 ACRES LAND was freed from illegal land mafia . It was so dangerous that no one no one even had the courage o challenge it. thanks to the movement of MKJ today many poor families are living there. 74 quarters have been allorted to peopel below the poverty line. In addition to this a technical college is also under construction. 


4. IMAMBARGAH ZAINULABDEEN KHAN : THIS IMAMBARGAH WAS ABANDONED AND WAS IN RUBLES.  It has been reconstrcutied and resuts are for all to see.

5. Waqf saltanat manzil :  few years waqf salnatat manzil situated in haztganj was illegaly sold to a builder , a notorius lang grabber was also invloved who was widely feared by the pople. No one dared to raise his voice againt him, but Mulana KJ steped in and against all odds , led a massive protest and as a reult the illegal occuaotion was ended and a new treaty was introduced which was drafted by taking into consideration the right rightful and lawful ways to use the waqf property. 

6. Waqf hussaniya ghuframaab. The center of all shia activities of lucknow , this historical monument has been renovated and as per the Will of Ayatullah Ghuframaab , a deene hauza is functioning in a double storied building , another double storied building has been purchased for hostel and boarding facilities for students. 

In the time of Maulana Dr Kalbe Sadiq , illegal occupancy was removed and a hospital was constructed on this land. While constructing the hospital , the land for graves were left , so that in future  they can be used.  Due to which some anti social elements are weaving conspiracy theories against respected maulana.

In addition to this, a madarsa for ladies is also running successfully which accommodated 100 ladies . 

In all these achievement maulana from his own efforts and pocket has spent crores of rupees. The truth is that its not Maulana who has gained from this waqf movement but its the movement that has tasted victory due the able leadership of respected Maulana.

During all these movement , enlightened people of the community have whole heartedly supported Maulana and also many sacrifices have been done. Its a disgrace that some black sheep's within the community , acting under the influence of some politicians and mafias are trying their best to wash away these great efforts and as a result destroying the properties of Imam Zaman(as).

NOTE :the purpose of this write-up is to highlight the efforts and hard work of Maulana Kalbe Jawad . This is just a glimpse of the work that is being done and the mission to safeguard the waqf properties. If someone has any disagreements on this , pl inform moulana