Waqf Karbala Agha Meer   Waqf Karbala Agha Meer Regd. No: I-1971

Karbala Agha Mir or Karbala Moata-mud-Daula, Narhi, Lucknow 
Also known as Karbala Moata-mud-Daula, it was build by Prime minister of Oudh Moata-mud-Daula Saiyed Mohammad Agha Mir in 1815 AD. Agha Mir was the prime minister of first king (sixth Nawab) Ghazi-ud-deen Haider of Oudh. The monument originally is a Shia religeous place meant for Azadari (Mourning rituals of Moharram) and daily Namaaz by local Shia muslim community. Monument is waqf property registered as Waqf Karbala Moata-mud-Daula with Central Shia Waqf Board, Lucknow. According to the Shia Waqf Board, the property was registered with them by Saiyed Mohammad Agha Meer who was given the title of Nawab Moata-mud-Daula Bahadur in 1233 Hijri/1818 AD. After the Mutiny Britishers confiscated the properties and religeous places of Shia Muslims for their active participation in the first war of independence of 1857. Monument came under the illegal possession of East India Company in February 1856 AD and later they handed it over to Freemasons.

 link of protest of lucknow ulama lead by Maulana Kalbe Jawad against free mesons and land grabbers. 

short Documentary on Freemasons control over Karbala Agha Mir Lucknow

          The Revenue map tell itself the land of Karbala. Need the attention of community and intellectuals.