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Documents  An important 40 page document from govt records about this monument collection of papers from 1815 to 1910


HAJI MOHD. MOHSIN inherited vast expanse of land and was a renowned zamindar. By a deed dated 20.04.1806 he created a trust (now Wakf) of all his lands for social and religious purposes. These lands cover enormous area in prime locations of Calcutta and district of Hooghly (40 Kms from Calcutta).

The clock on the tower is a replica of “The Big Ben” and in itself is antique and priceless ,Chandeliers in the Imambarah have been given by several rulers, including Tipu Sultan, and need protection ,The record room of the Imambarah also holds very valuable manuscripts


1.     The imambara was made around 1806 by Haji Mohammad Mohsin 

2.     The Properties of the Haji Mohammed Mohsin who was bachelor and he had vast numbers of properties.

3.     His half sister Manu Jaan Khanam was the daughter of Aga Mutahar a Zamindar in Bengal with vast Jagir in the time of Aurangzeb. The properties of Aga Mutahar included the Maujas of Khidderpore, Rajarampur, Daulatpur, Sonai and Benodepur and very vast areas in Jessore and Khulna now in Bangladesh.

4.     Manu Jaan Khanam died issueless and all her properties devolve on Haji Mohammed Mohsin.

5.     That Haji Mohammed Mohsin on his death in 1813 left vast properties including Pargana magura Comprising of Mouza Kidderpore, Sonai, Rajarampur and Benodepur of Touzi No. 92 district 24 Parganas recorded in the General register, part-1 of the Revenue paying lands under section 6 & 8 of Act VII of 1863 was included in the said List of Kharij Twoleat Properties.

6.     That due to the indifferent unmindful inattentive attitude of the  community and lack of determination, co-ordination, organization and willingness to defend the  Properties of the Hooghly Imambara, with the passage of time outsiders have encroached trespassers tried to remove all papers of the properties of the Hooghly Imambara.

7.     That at a conservative estimate the values of the properties of the Hooghly Imambara will be not less than Rs. 10000/- crores in landed properties.

Apart from landed properties the respectable Haji had dedicated and set apart many religious articles (particularly Panjas used in Alams and taboots). There is a list of these articles which is mind-boggling. These panjas (hands) are made of gold or silver and the weights are also indicated. They are studded with rubies/precious stones. The list is kept in the office of the Bengal Treasury which also has security (??) over these religious ornaments/artefacts. These were, on earlier religious occasions taken out in the Muhassam processions but not in the last 50 years. One wonders if they are actually safely kept and an inventory to re-check is definitely required.  

All of these properties are under the Religious Endowment Act and not under Wakf Act Hence, as per law, its management was not under the Govt. of Bengal }However, it was handed over to Wakf Board by the Committee of Management in 2002 .As a result, it is now controlled by the Wakf Board .}It is being used for the benefit of the Wakf Board

The lands so dedicated have been the object of misuse by the various trustees who have only furthered their personal gains. To regain these properties is a mammoth task and involves litigation. Unfortunately the present management is doing what their predecessors had done and are not protecting the interests of the Imambara Estate or the Welfare of the Shia Community. It is an uphill task and involves a gigantic effort. This is no short term remedy.  

The philanthrophic Haji also built a school and college. The college bears his name and is an esteemed institution. The first person from India to become a judge in the Privy Council at London (Justice Amir Ali) studied from college (HAJI MOHSIN COLLEGE) and also stayed in the IMAMBARA premises at HOOGHLY. He was a Shia Isnashari and had written many books. A huge fund lies kept with the Govt. of Bengal known as the HAJI MOHSIN ENDOWMENT FUND. The laws of India allow minority communities to set up and run educational institutions for their benefit (50% quota). However not a single Shia has benefitted from this FUND and the Govt. is trying to portray that it is not meant mainly/primarily for Shias. If properly pursued a large number of Shia children can benefit from this huge fund kept with the Govt. of Bengal as also get direct admission into the Haji Mohsin College on the basis of the minority quota..  


The building is under repair by Govt under heritage & This is complicated & has legal implications as well  

Current trustees/mutawalis 

President -Ali Abbas Siraji  ,  Sikandar Mirza  ,  Mirza Mohammed Ali  , Syed Riaz Haider &

Mirza Sajid Ali 9903078311


THERE is NO Board to explain to Tourists to explain about the Imambargah. A board is to be placed in the premises informing about Imam Hussain (as)  Kerbala on the lines of lucknow board in English & Bengali as below

This is an “ Imam Bargah”  - a centre for mourning and sorrow established for commemoration of  the supreme sacrifice of IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S.),  the son of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Bibi Sayedah Fatima (S.A.S.), and the grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (be peace upon them), that was made by him on 10th Moharrum 61 A.H.[10 Oct 680 A.D.], at KARBALA in present day Iraq. 

 Late Haji Mohammad Mohsin Isphahani endowed his entire property in the year 1806 from the funds of which the HOOGHLY Imambargah was constructed  in the year 1840.

 Imam Hussain (A.S.) and 72 members of his family and friends sacrificed  EVERYTHING they had to uphold truth and justice. The objective was to preserve and protect the pure teachings of Islam as expounded by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (be peace upon him and his Holy Progeny), to awaken the human spirit and protect humanity from indignation and deprivation at the hands of oppressive and corrupt rulers. 

 The epic struggle of this small band before the huge forces assembled by the tyrant ruler Yazid son of Muwaviah involved men and women of all age groups covering all human relationships at IMAM HUSSAIN'S (A.S.) side .  

 All of them were denied access to food and water for 3 days. They included IMAM HUSSAIN's (A.S.) 6 month old son ‘Ali Asghar (A.S.)’, whose neck was severed with an arrow and was killed thirsty in his father's arms..The martyrs heads were severed from their bodies and put up on spears, their bodies trampled and left unburied. while their women and children were taken captive and shamefully paraded on a long and treacherous journey to Yazid's court at Damascus 

 14 centuries later Imam Hussain's (A.S.) sacrifice remains alive in the hearts of millions of his followers [the Shias] and his admirers. Commemoration for his martyrdom continues to this day in different parts of the world by many not limited to Muslims..  

 Imam Hussain 's (A.S.) life and martyrdom demonstrate a complete role model for all of humanity to emulate converging in his personal excellence in every noble human quality especially knowledge, leadership, patience and total submission to the will of Allah (S.W.T.).

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A Houza Ilmiya / Madressa is currently running

There are > 150 students in the hawza running at Hoogly by Al Imaan /Najafi House .There have been some legal incidents in the recent past but have been temporarly resolved by intervention of Najafi house 

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 Presently the studying rooms & the sleeping bends are the SAME  as they have  no space & the trustees need to be pressured to release the other rooms The Trustees/mutawalis also have to be convinced /coaxedto permit use of the other vacant & locked rooms Any legal proceedings to replace also possible  NO Majlis is held & in muharram it would be appropriate if majlis can take place

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