Imambara Haji Karbalai, at 10 Portuguese Church Street, Kol-01 

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Imambara Haji Karbalai, at 10 Portuguese Church Street, Kol-01 

On 23-9-2011 trustees took the keys from the Joint Special Officers finding the premises in collapsing state.

Nizam Haider 9903743886

Mohammad Abbas Rahim 9769887911

Rauf Rahim 9810614125

Gulam abbas IT 09051013408 

•         Spent till date about Rs. 15 lakhs in saving the Imambara premises from collapsing.

•         The godown area about 1500 sqfeet  on ground floor below the majlis hall supported by 200 strong thick bamboos (ballis)

•         Verandah about 1200 sqft saved from collapsing by putting up 150 strong ballis.

•         Entrance Area outside, majlis hall 3000sqft on first floor roofs and wall repaired and painted for Muharram majalis held form No-2011

•         Office and adjoining room’s roofs repaired with changing of beams and woodwork and painted.

•         Zarikhana renovated costing about Rs. 2 lakhs.

 At Present

•         Repair masonry work started on 2nd floor ,     To be followed by repair of the entire terrace.  To be followed by repair of Majlis hall and Verandah.

•         Total estimated expenses expected further Rs. 60 lakhs at the Imambara Premises.

 Premises No.5 Portuguese Church Street  Adjacent building of the Imambara 

This premise and the Imambara premises are on an area of about 2 bighas of land. 

This building has been encroached by many trespassers, where recorded tenants are not traceable. 

These areas are extremely expensive commercial areas where small almirah spaces are ranging from rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. 

All trespassers can be removed by process of law followed vigorously  

Following are few examples of trespassing

1.      Yahya Khan about 5000 sqft value 10 crore.

2.      Majid Khan about 400 sqft value 8 crore

3.      Vasanji & Co about 6000sqft value Rs. 12 crore

4.      Bansali about 3500 sqft value 7 crores.

 There are many other trespassers and legal expenses required will be about Rs. 25 lakhs o Rs. 50 lakhs.

 This building will require to be modified and strengthened as otherwise the imambara will be in difficulty sine trespassers have to be removed.

 Building No.1 Ismail Madan Lane Kol-73 it is near the largest Sunni Masjid called Nakoda Masjid at Zakaria Street and area is valued at Rs.15000/- per sqft

 On ground floor an area of 600sqft can be got back from a weak tenant and made into market of 8 shops selling gems stones, each shop will fetch Rs, 25 lakhs i.e. Rs. 2 crores.  

The amount to be spent is about Rs. 40 lakhs. 

On 2nd floor and 3rd floor 2 flats can be acquired from non traceable tenants. Estimated expenditure rs. 20 lakhs and revenue expected rs. 50 lakhs.

 Imambara land about 21 cottahs valued at about Rs. 15 crores for 16000sqft at Harinath Dey Road where squatters can be removed with the help of government and movement by Shiaa. 

Some protected agitation and determination is required. Approx expenditure is about Rs. 50 lakhs to rs. 1 crore. Time period about 2 years An Imambara of 5 storied i.e. ground floor + 4 floors can be constructed at cost of Rs. 5 crores.

          We are compiling a list of necessary assistance required and have already started begun the following coaching classes as a small start at Haji Karbalai Imambara with one computer by a qualified instructor Mr. Gulam Abbas Khan, trustees who also takes English classes. Urdu is being taught by Professor Dr. Haider Hasan Kazmi, Trustee. Ibrat Shakil PresidentSyed Hassan Abidi secy

 Shia Aoukaf Bachao Committee

8/2, B.T. Road,{Near Tala Bridge Cossipur)

Kolkata - 700002, Mob. : 9831301099



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