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Allahabad Waqf report    National Bureau Chief Dr. Mumtaz Alam Rizvi ne Advocate Farman Ahmed Naqvi se UP Waqf Board status ( urdu)

Allahbad 200 year imambargah -shia wakf board sold property- youtube report new

Report on Allahabad city and its surrounding villages within 50 km. compiled by Syed Md Aoun after his visit on 13-8-2013 to Allahabad.   

1.      There are more than 300 Aukafs, Masjids,Imambaras  with large expensive landed properties. This Aukafs are in dilapidated and ruinous conditions because of mismanagement by the Mutawallis and vasted interest.

2.      These need immediate attention and restoration to serve Shiaism and community projects.

3.      The Shia population is between 50,000 and 1,00,000 the city has educative background there are about 75-100 Shia Advocates practicing in Allahabad High Court the new generation Shia youth has migrated to Mumbai, New Delhi ect for jobs.

4.      The Shia youth presently residing in Allahabad is not work oriented and needs to be motivated to work by urgently opening up small commercial units trade and service centre’s on a co-operative bases viz computer and mobile hardware software and technical centers restaurants stenography centre’s spoken English other coaching centre’s to generate productivity and internal funds.

5.      The elder generation Shia is still of the Zamindar mentality, whiling away time and making livelihood by gradually selling away its landed properties and fields this section is not at all used to work and requires mental assistance therapy, to organize and multiply its assets.

6.      Solution: a core-group of progressive and educated work-oriented Shias has identified the field of commercial small projects which can be started on an urgent trail basis involving small capital expenditure under the close guidance and supervision of this core-group.

 Some known Respectable persons of Allahabad are as follows

    Syed Farman Ahmed Naqvi- Advocate, Allahabad High Court Mobile No- 09415214320. Central Government Senior Counsel  

Syed Mehdi Hasan Jafari Allahabad High Court Officer Mobile No -09415308747.

Syed Iqbal Hasan Jafri Advocate Allahabad High Court Mobile No- 09415615440 State Government Counsel.

7.      Disposing of Shia Aukaf properties and also letting out to non-Shiaas should be immediately stopped so that community property stays within the Shia Community and generates wealth the maxim should be seller Buyer Shia.  

8.      The core-group to assist Shia community by setting up small helpline and guideline counseling centres to identify the present problems of the public and try to suggest reliefs.

9.      A fund may be set up with local and national help to give financial assistance on a guarantor basis. The core-Group can manage this fund in a joint savings bank accounts.

10.  A preliminary directory on who’s who may be compiled on an urgent basis via internet to reach and find like-minded persons.

11.  No committee with nomenclature and posts is required presently as it only foments trouble. People should be asked to devote the minimum time so this honorary work does not hinder their own business or profession.

12.  All workers should be honorary workers getting only out-of-pocket expenses.             

             please inform your contacts

Syed Iqbal Hasan Jafri Advocate Allahabad High Court  Mobile No.- 09415615440    Email Id - 


this report is applying thoroughly for all cities of U P , Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhund, Uttranchal, Maharastra, Haryana, M P and other states also.rd. should know that the persons shown in report as responsible person are all from judicatory line only. and to do a long term planning should join persons from all it should done but it wants a long term planning with a huge amount and fair and open minded if one will start the work on it own expense, may raise other people from several cities, then how can it manages? :

Ominous activities of waqf usurpers

Good that the Central Waqf Council under the Ministry of Minority Affairs has decided to take deterrent and timely action against the Waqf mafia who are usurping huge chunks of land with the connivance of the state waqf bodies and local authorities.  The activities of these Waqf mafia has become so ominous that recently in Allahabad they had threatened the revered Imam-e-Juma  of Shia Jama masjid in Allahabad behind whom the entire community offer prayers  with guns and forced him to sign documents.

The said mafia had earlier planned with the connivance of the local waqf board to convert a functional grave yard at Karbala , Allahabad into a shopping mall.

The Imam-e-Juma Maulana Hasan Raza had opposed the illegal construction of a shopping arcade done by demolishing  the front of   the historic Imambara  and led a protest rally against the activities.  That the shopping arcade was illegal was clear when the Allahabad Development Authority sealed the complex.  The Imam-e-Juma was threatened. An Fir was also lodged but no action was taken by the authorities, community members said.

The Minority Affairs Ministry has taken due note of the incident  and has  directed the state government to take due and immediate action. 

Frightened by guns and foul languages, the shocked Imam-e-Juma of Allahabad was hospitalised in the ICU at a local hospital.  The entire community however stood behind the Imam-e-Juma and decided to take on the might of these waqf land usurpers. Videos against those who have usurped the land and their activities have become viral.

Prominent Shia religious leader Maulana Kalbe Jawad of Lucknow also visited Allahabad and expressed shock at the development.

Paradoxically the event in Allahabad has come at a time when Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is progressing with his yatra to showcase the development in Uttar Pradesh during his tenure and on the other hand there is an utter lawlessness where even religious clerics are threatened with guns and abuses and the culprits go scot free. The administration sleeps over the matter , the Imam-e-Juma has said.