Objective  : Save /reclaim Wakf properties & put them to use for the purpose /community intended.

There are many properties in India which belonged to Wakfs / Imambargahs  & are now usurped or not available for the purposes intended . The Values involved are astronomical

This Site is an attempt to Raise Awareness & Collect / Display related Information ,Collaborate & Provide guidance.

Significant amount of data /lists have been complied for certain locations & visitor is invited to go through the details

YOUR ROLE ? Read this  & use this public site / All who can assist in any way please email Imamwakfs@gmail.com


Print & Distribute these as Posters & Handbills in  English ,Urdu & ,Hindi 


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Disclaimer :The information provided on the website has been collected from various sources & is only indicative .The Website is not responsible for any inaccuracy .Visitors may use the information with this  caution